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South Asia

In recent years, there’s been a significant surge of interest among students from South Asian countries, such as India and Bangladesh, to pursue higher education abroad. This has resulted in a burgeoning demand for student consultancy services, presenting a lucrative business opportunity. A multitude of factors, ranging from access to superior academic resources, global exposure, cultural immersion, to career opportunities, have contributed to this growing aspiration among South Asian students. Amidst this backdrop, we position ourselves as a catalyst to support, connect and train student consulting agencies, equipping them with the right tools and expertise to guide these aspiring students.

Why choosing Bangladesh?

  • High Demand: An increasing number of Bangladeshi students aspire to study abroad, driving demand for consultancy services.
  • Economic Growth: Fast economic growth in Bangladesh means more families can afford to invest in international education.
  • Lack of Local Resources: There’s a need for professional services that can facilitate international study due to limited local resources.
  • English Proficiency: Many Bangladeshi students are proficient in English, making them eligible for programmes in English-speaking countries.
  • Cultural Diversity: Bangladesh’s multicultural background makes its students desirable to universities around the world, further fuelling the demand for a study abroad consultancy business.


The ambition to study abroad has seen a substantial upswing among students from African nations, such as Nigeria and Morocco. This trend is driven by numerous factors, including the allure of world-class education, broader career prospects, and the desire to experience different cultures. This escalating demand has opened up vast possibilities for growth in the student consultancy business. In this arena of rising aspirations, we provide critical support to student consulting agencies, equipping them with the necessary connections, resources, and training they need to assist these students effectively.

Why choosing Nigeria?

  • High Aspirations: Nigerian students’ desire for international education creates a demand for consultancy services.
  • Growing Middle Class: Nigeria’s rising middle class can increasingly afford overseas education, broadening the market.
  • English Proficiency: English as Nigeria’s official language simplifies the process for studying in English-speaking countries.
  • Limited Local Opportunities: High competition in domestic universities drives more students to consider studying abroad.
  • Diverse Culture: Nigerian students’ rich cultural perspective is attractive to international universities, enhancing the consultancy business’s role.